Jul 1st

Benefits of getting a Sensual Massage

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Hong Kong tantra massages have many different benefits. Not only do they release knots in your muscles, they also help relax your mind and cool down your mental state. Daily activity can become very stressful at certain points. It is a good idea to allow yourself to de-stress through activities like this, as they are very helpful in relieving you of tension.

This particular type of massage therapy is different from others because it does not exclude the sexual and erogenous parts of your body in the massage. This is not for the purpose of sexual intercourse alone. Instead, the mechanism behind this kind of therapy is that it relaxes you more effectively and in a more delicate fashion.

The basic technique of the therapy: The technique requires you to breathe in the right fashion in deep breaths for the therapy to be the most effective. When you are modulating your breath, you are easing your body and allowing the therapy to work for you. The procedure focuses on your sexual zones because the intimacy of it creates a heightened sense.

You will find that you are both restful and wide awake at the same time. Tantric massages in Hong Kong are very helpful to de-stress and calm your body and mind. Due to its erotic nature, the massages are gratifying and focus greatly on the pleasure zones of the body. This makes it easier to forget the worries in life and concentrate on just the present to make most of the therapeutic session.

Additional features of the massage: Most often, masseuses use warm oils and aromatic oils to help them. The warm sensation of the oil is complemented by the savory smell of vanilla or sandalwood. There are a number of different scents that help you relax. You can choose among a variety so that you have exactly what you are comfortable with. Lavender and orange are among the favorites.

Tantric massages do not have any limitations at all. There is no age barrier for you to get this therapy done either. The technique is quite popular and can be done in your own home too, if you feel that the process is too intimate and personal for you. This however, is one of the strengths of the massage. The intimacy makes it easier for you to forget about external problems because of the full focus on the present.

  1. Jane Doe
    Aug 25 2014

    Brenda, thank you very much for bringing such an amazing moment to me. I really enjoyed so much with drinking the nectar from your secret valley. The body to body massage with your spongy curvy soft body left me a lifetime of sweet reminiscence.

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    July 6 2014

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      July 25 2011

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